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Patty Blee: Press

"Blee has a fathomless measure being able to go from a breathy, sensuous whisper to stratospheric levels, gathering octaves like small flowers along the way till she reaches areas normally occupied by angels, beautiful indeed"
"Blee shows she has the talent to be a premiere country singer"
"Patty Blee's soulful fusion of blues, folk, and country music are featured on her latest EP, From the Inside. With inspiration drawn from her travels from coast to coast, Blee's previous two albums, Disguise and Acoustic Vibe, have earned her acclaim and some have likened her style to icons such as Bonnie Raitt and Sheryl Crow. The husky, yet heartfelt voice of Blee carries throughout the six tracks, yet each song shows a different side of Blee's talent. The first two tracks play up Blee's honky-tonk inspirations with quick drum beats and strong guitar riffs. The title song, "From the Inside," has a perfect Texas two-step rhythm and up-tempo beat. The EP then progresses to more folk-influenced tracks with "Bank of Jericho" and "Long Time Coming." These tracks show Blee's more blues-inspired lyrics and melodies, and have an almost haunting tone.

The final track, "Never Gonna Go," showcases the range of Blee's incredible voice. A sweet serenade ends the EP with clear and powerful notes that show a softer, more fragile side of the sultry adventuress. Blee credits her music influences to, "acoustic-based singer-songwriters - writers who display incredible courage by what they reveal of themselves." Blee seems to display incredible courage herself, with six tracks about love, loss, and everything in-between"
"...Blee starts off “From the Inside” sounding like our drinking buddy and ends it by sounding like an angel...."
"...this EP is such a strong release that it has me itchin’ for a full release. This is one of my fave of this batch of reviews...."
"...I recently encountered “Soul Dancing” for the first time. WOW… I haven’t had that kind of emotional response to a song in ten or more years..."
Vernon Gates - "Comanchemoon" and "HardTwistMusic"
"...Though Blee has her fair share of admirations, she remains the rugged individualist in the local music scene..."

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..."Patty Blee's CD, Disguise, is a crossover hit waiting to happen. The songs speak country and rock in a fun, and moving way. Her songs are honest and sincere, touching perspectives on relationships..."
.."Patty Blee: Local singer-songwriter performs weekly at area venues; recorded her debut — Disguise — for Scullville’s Treasure Records in 2002, which featured Tony Garnier, Dylan’s long-time bass player, as well as other notable musicians. Disguise features guest appearance by Augie Meyers — longtime keyboardist for John Hammond — who Dylan requested to play accordion and organ on his 1997 album Time Out of Mind..."
"...Powerful acoustic Americana album. I love every song of it..."
"...Patty is an accomplished songwriter, plays a hot guitar and she sings with a dynamic voice..."
..."The husky-voiced singer performs rootsy music that's earned her favorable comparisons to the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Patty Griffin and Shawn Colvin...Blee's release Disguise, is a critically praised album on which she was backed by Larry Campbell and Tony Garnier (from Bob Dylans band), Augie Meyers and Bruce Springsteen violinist Soozie Tyrell..."
"We've had a lot of local talent," says Spoltore, a spokesman for the Blues Bar located in the House of Blues in AC "We'll have Patty Blee as often as we can get her."
..."Blee performed with Tyrell on the TV show Late Night with Conan O'Brien during Soozie Tyrell's "White Lines" promotional tour..."
..."Patty Blee (acoustic guitar) is at her best on songs like "Till I Get Enough" (cool a.g. and backwater vibe) and "Cry" (great country tune)..."
..."Disguise is masterfully produced and filled with dynamic instrumentation, full bass lines and soulful vocals. Patty has a smooth powerful voice and she sings with passion, visual songs about love and life, a magical blend of blues, folk, country and rock. Patty Blee and company are a formidable force and hopefully her music will be revealed to a large listening audience..."
..."Patty Blee writes songs with personality and flair, expressed with a singing voice that sensitively paints her musical picture with emotional depth..."
"...Blee has a grittier, more rugged approach than Colvin and doesn't get into the type of girlish, waif-like singing that Jewel and Suzanne Vega are known for..."
..."Disguise is well-executed, without a doubt; if there's any justice its radio-friendly sound should get airplay. Blee's performance is excellent and her supporting cast does a great job..."